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The Vietnam - Cuba Hospital was established on June 18, 1969 on the basis of the merger of Bich Cau Hospital (92 Tran Hung Dao), Tran Quoc Toan Ear Nose and Throat Clinic. The original premises include the 92 Tran Hung Dao hospital (the former private hospital of Dang Vu Lac) and 37 Hai Ba Trung (part of the Saint Marie monastery), initially a large general hospital the capital with 450 beds. The first years from 1970 to 1973 BV were many delegations of Cuban experts to help develop professional expertise.

          In 1992 the decision to split the hospital, all the internal Medicine at 92 Tran Hung Dao transferred to Thanh Nhan Hospital and Pediatrics transferred to Saint Paul Hospital. The hospital is only one specialized hospital for ENT, facial and plastic surgery and small specialties such as Noi, Nhi, Oriental Medicine to serve the health insurance in Hoan Kiem district and the hospital still holds Formerly known as Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital since then.

          Facial and Ear Nose and Throat Department are the leading specialties of the capital health from the early days with many generations of talented physicians, many of whom have since gone on to become leaders in the industry. Prof. Tran Van Truong, Deputy Director of the hospital, director of the hospital RHM.

          At present, the Vietnam - Cuba Hospital with big specialties such as ENT, facial teeth and plastic surgery is one of the outstanding units of the medical sector with high technology and equipment. Great. Department of Anesthesia resuscitation with 10 operating tables equipped with full light Dragger cold light system, 07 anesthesia machine with breathable Fabius and full monitoring system for patients, two modern surgical microscope Zeiss OPNI MDU, 07 power cutters, Stryker bone cutting systems, bronchoscopy system to be able to put NKQ for narrow cases, ENT endoscopic system ...

          Facial teeth with many new modern touch control chairs and intra-oral camera system, the system of treatment of bone marrow by the profile and protaper, implant drill system. Implant and panoramic camera systems imaging the jaw, especially the 3D system integrates 3 in 1 functions of CT + Cephalo + Panorama for the first time at a public hospital in Vietnam. ENT with many endoscopic sinusoscopes, rigid tube test kits, soft hoses, modern audiometry and tympanometers ... Laboratory with automatic biochemistry and hematology systems ...

         With modern equipment and a team of talented staff trained in the country and abroad (23 doctors trained long-term, short-term in the US, France, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Japan. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand) and many high technologies have been deployed effectively such as:

- Frame function, Biosoft resin function, ceramic and non-metal porcelain bridges (full porcelain). Implants, orthodontic implants and orthodontic implants, are especially developing lingual brackets. Treat your marrow with Protaper.

- Osteotomy (Osteotomy). Microsurgical techniques have become routine with the use of free-standing vesicles in the treatment of facial lesions. Treatment of facial traumatic injuries with braces such as Titanium splinters, compression studs and self-guided screws. Initiate the deployment of Osteodistraction for the treatment of jaw bone disorders.

Ear, Nose and Throat Ear surgery has become a routine technique and an earwax patch in the ear through endoscopy and inserting a Diapolo tube in the otitis media has become a routine procedure. Currently, Otorhinolaryngology is developing resurrection bone resurfacing in hearing rehabilitation.


         In particular, the hospital has good relations with international organizations such as Smile Operation, Smile Train, REI, and Vietnam-Cuba Hospital. For most children with mouth defects most palate. In addition, the hospital also sent surgical operations in the northern, central and southern provinces and provided assistance to Laos. With internationally-qualified surgeons, the hospital also dispatches doctors to operate with international missions in China, Kenya, India, Egypt, as well as on the US Mercy Merchant Navy ship in Cambodia. .